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Finding Cheap Removal Boxes in London Has Never Been Easier

We all know that moving house in the capital can be a nightmare. First there is coming to terms with the horrendous house prices, then the struggle to find the right property, in the right place, and then there’s the drama of moving. What you never really seem to think about before you start the moving process, are all of those little bits and pieces that you have to have in place to make the move even half bearable! Things like planning in advance, getting to know your removals company and sorting out the new place before you leave are all little things that will make the move that little bit easier, and one of the best ways to make everything that little bit cheaper is to plan in advance and pick up a few free or cheap supplies by thinking ahead, after all, finding cheap removal boxes in London has never been easier!

Start off by trying to find your boxes for free, there are quite a few ways in which to go about doing this. Firstly there are those places that you can go in your local area that may use larger boxes for their deliveries. Certain shops and stores will take on packages of products that come in boxes that are perfect to use for your removal, try smaller supermarkets who will be more likely to agree to save boxes for you. It seems that the best time to go in to these stores to find boxes is during the middle of the day, or at any time when they are a bit quieter, as this is the sort of time that they use to pack shelves, due to there being less customers in the way. If you catch them while they are distributing products, then the boxes will be going spare. Some smaller shops have to pay a fee to have their boxes picked up by the same service that delivers them, so if you ask them nicely they will be very accommodating to your needs, as it should benefit them as well! Make sure that you arrange a time in the week to pick up the boxes that suits the shop, as they won’t want to be wasting storage space looking after what they see as rubbish for your needs! Furniture shops are also particularly useful for larger boxes, as well as miscellaneous cardboard and other packaging that is used for furniture, which is likely something that you will be moving.

If you have no luck sourcing your boxes from the local high street, then get online. Places like are communities who deal in helping one another by offering things that they do not need for free. Boxes will regularly turn up, and as long as you are happy using second hand boxes, then this is perfect! Another place to try is, where people will regularly put up new, cheap and free boxes in your area, so get online and have a nose around to see what you can find. The most important thing is that you know exactly how many boxes you need, and that you give yourself enough time to find them! It may be a few weeks before anyone offers up the right amount of boxes for the right price in the right place, so get searching well in advance, give yourself a month’s head start on the whole thing, and you will be sorted in no time! After all, finding removal boxes in London has never been easier!