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Moving Machinery in NW2

The time has come to move your company to a new location, which means relocating many pieces of machinery. A lot of different things come into play when moving heavy machinery from one factory unit to another; it’s not simply a case of loading it onto the back of a lorry and unloading it at the other end. If moving from or to NW2 there are many different aspects which need to be addressed prior to the move. Following these few simple steps can make your move a lot less stressful and with a quicker turnaround time.

• Will the equipment to stay switched on during transit?
Some computer systems make be so sensitive or important that a company may not wish to power it down. A mobile back-up power supply can be used to ensure no unfortunate shutdowns.

• How heavy is your item?
If the piece of machinery you wish to transport is excessively heavy or oversized, you may require the assistance of a specialist company who operate cranes or police escorts for items exceeding normal road allowance.

• Will you need to obtain any special permits from councils or notify any other authorities of your transportation?
When moving over-sized machines, you may need to make certain district councils aware of your transporters presence on their roads. Then will then assist you with anything you need to know or do before using their roads.

• Does your machinery require an external company to disassemble?
If you machinery was installed by an external contr4ctor, possibly the machine manufacturer, then they may be require to uninstall the machine and reinstall at its new location. It is always best to acquire the assistance of the machine manufacturer, even if it’s just to supervise, as they will have the most amount of knowledge regarding safe removal.

• Will you require special insurance?
Modern day machines are so advanced that they can cost thousands if not millions of pounds, so making sure they will be fully insured whiles being transported is an absolute must. You may already be covered by the company’s machinery insurance but check the small print in case it’s not fully covered during transit?

• Will you require overnight storage?
If the distance the machine has to be moved is too far to be completed in a single day, it may be necessary to store the item overnight. This can be accomplished by utilising a transport company who includes this service. Alternatively, planning where you will stop if you choose to transport it yourself and researching a local storage plant.

• Will you require specialist equipment to move them item onto a transport vehicle?
Many large or awkward shaped machines, which cannot be disassemble, may require very specialised equipment in order to be moved safely onto the vehicle you’re using to transport it. Even if this equipment is pricey to rent, it would be better than to risk damaging expensive machinery.

As you can see there are many things to consider when thinking about moving machinery from one place to another, even if it’s a very short distance, many complications can be encountered. If you have multiple pieces of machinery, it may be wise to invest in a hydraulic powered fork lift truck. These can be utilised for many different task and can be adapted to move almost any fairly small machinery. A heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is another commonly purchased transporter; they are capable of transporting immense weights and very large amounts of cargo. There are now companies who offer all types of removals services, from uninstalling the equipment, transporting it, storing if necessary then installing it at its new location.