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The area of Croydon used to be a town, south of London, but it’s now a big part of the metropolitan city, a home to fine buildings and good housing. If that’s the area you’ve chosen for your future home, then you first need to make sure that you choose the right moving company or man and van service. London is full of big and small moving companies, so take your time to research them well and pick the one that fits you budget and needs. If this is your first time moving, there will be many things that you need to be prepared for that’s best to find out before you start organizing the move. A house move will definitely become one of the biggest and most memorable events in your life.

A house move is not just a simple shifting of belongings from one location to another, it’s much more than that. A house move is an important emotional process for everyone involved, which brings lots of change and often leads to quite mixed feelings – anticipation, frustration, sadness, confusion. If you are moving with your family, it gets even harder as you need to take control of everything and deal with their emotions too. The leading factor in most house moves is the budget. If you choose the right season and time for the move, you wouldn’t have to pay the highest fees, but often people don’t get to choose when to move and they are pressured by other circumstances and a specific deadline. The cheapest time for a move is in winter, but in terms of the weather it’s definitely not the perfect choice. Another cheaper time is the period between March and May and after late September. Moreover, if you choose a week day, you will miss the high weekend prices. Make sure you notify your neighbors about the moving day, so they are aware of the noise and the moving truck parked in front of the building. Some of the essential items for you move include: two dollies for the furniture, packing tape, sturdy cardboard moving boxes of different sizes, specialty boxes (for dishes, clothes, paintings, electronics, lamps, etc.), bubble wrap, newspaper or plain paper for cushioning, markers for labeling the boxes and the wrapped furniture, bags and stretch wrap. Try not to save money on the packing material, which could affect its quality. If you want your belongings to survive the trip to the new location, they have to be properly packed and wrapped and completely secure inside the moving truck. You could hire professional packers or at least trust the movers with the big furniture pieces and the heaviest items. Insist on full insurance, especially if you are paying for packing services too and don’t pay before the move is complete. Discuss any additional services prior to the moving day, because some belongings might need special care and handling so the moving company has to organize that. Make sure there are no delays or obstacles on your side, or you will be charged extra for that. Prepare enough cash for tipping the movers and pack the valuables for your own vehicle. Following these easy tips you will have a successful house move.