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Removal Boxes … Where to Start?

Removal boxes … where to startMoving house is an incredibly exciting time. There’s no doubt however that it can also be fraught with stress as you prepare to up sticks and relocate your family, your home and all your possessions. One of the most onerous tasks is the packing of all of your worldly goods into removal removal boxes … where to startboxes. But it honestly needn’t be that hard or stressful with careful selection of both your supplier and the boxes you buy.

Whether you’re moving straight into your dream home, a new business premises or are planning to put your goods into storage – perhaps for relocation or for extended travel – removal boxes are going to be necessary. So … the question is … how to find the very best deal and the right materials for your move.

You know already that you’re going to need strong boxes to keep your valuables safe, unbroken, free from damp and clean during any move or period of storage. But there are many options available, from cardboard to wooden crates, plastic to bespoke wardrobe containers. You need to find the right solution for your particular needs and the right supplier.

When searching for the best company to buy your boxes from, the easiest place to start these days is the internet. What a relief that we have this resource. As little as ten years ago you would have been reliant on word of mouth, directories like the Yellow Pages or whoever happens to be advertising locally. These day, through a simple Google search, you can find bespoke removal boxes suppliers offering a full range. Being able to compare prices, delivery times and service levels, you should be able to find whatever you need.

But an internet search will yield a huge number of results. Try to refine your search to at the very least your country and ideally your local area. In that way, you can ensure you get a company who can deliver to you quickly. So, for example, you can search “removal boxes London free delivery” to narrow down your list of potential suppliers.

Free delivery is a good option to look for, as is the speed of delivery. A good removal box supplier should be able to guarantee delivery to your door within one to two working days, no matter where you are. But watch for exceptions to delivery charge, especially if you are located remotely. Make sure you know exactly what you are going to pay when comparing rates: delivery may be extra, and VAT could add a further 20% on to the bill you expect.

Removal boxes suppliers also look for companies that have good reviews, customer testimonials and a track record. Firms that have been around for ten years or more have something going for them! Better to stick with a trusted business rather than one who seems to be offering great rates, but arrived on the scene last month.

Don’t be fooled either by companies that seem to be offering special rates, but for today only. It’s a great sales tactic designed to persuade you to make a decision on the spot: rather than looking around and comparing prices. Funnily enough, the same offer may well be available again tomorrow. Sales may not be all they are cracked up to be.

Now that you’ve chosen a reputable supplier of removal boxes, have a careful think about what you are going to need. You can buy or rent containers to pretty much any specification or design. Does your chosen supplier have them all?

For heavy items such as books, DVDs, photo albums and such like, you are going to need short book boxes. It’s extremely important to only lift an acceptable weight – preferably under twenty kilograms. That’s why these book boxes are shorter than normal. It’s a false economy to pack heavy items in fewer, larger boxes: you wont be able to lift them and could seriously endanger your back and knees. If you are employing a removals firm to complete your move, they simply will not carry large boxes packed to the brim with heavier items. It’s a simple matter of health and safety.

Also when considering book boxes, look for ones that have two or three-ply reinforcement throughout – this gives a great deal of extra support and reduces the chance of the box breaking in transit.

Larger boxes are suitable for lighter goods, such as china, glass, soft toys, linen and clothes. These measure typically about 40 x 40 x 60cm and should also be double walled for added strength. If any heavier items are to be packed in these, keep them to a minimum and close to the bottom of the box. You can get these large boxes either upright or ‘portrait’ – those with a wide top opening are particularly suitable for linens.

You may want to consider plastic boxes for items that could leak. Cardboard just won't withstand leaking shower gels, bleaches and the like. Although more expensive, lidded plastic containers are excellent for your toiletries and that last-minute kit you’ll need on the very morning of the move.

Removal boxes suppliersThere are now bespoke removals boxes for your clothes, which come complete with a rail. This means you can transfer your apparel straight from the wardrobe to the box, and then out again. These can also reduce creasing when your goods are being transported. There are boxes designed specifically for long items such as you golf clubs, ski equipment and poles. Almost flat boxes for paintings, photographs and mirrors.

Without doubt, it is best to have a good variety of removal boxes available. Different shapes and sizes, and a suitable quantity for your personal needs. A competent packaging supplier or indeed your removals company should be able to supply all that you need, and should also advise on how much you should buy. There is nothing worse than running out of boxes the night before you move! With a bit of planning, you can have all the supplies you need and your personal possessions packed quickly, to be transported safely and you will soon be in your new home.