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We’re all aware that moving house can be extremely expensive at the best of times, but packing materials can be a hidden cost that you really don’t put in to consideration when you start preparing for your move. While buying new boxes may be the first thing you think of when you realize that you haven’t done it already, new cardboard boxes can be really bad for the environment as well as being particularly expensive when not budgeted for. Here are some tips to make sure that you save money by buying cheap removal boxes, or even to help you find some for free!

Obviously we’d all prefer spend no money than add to our rising costs, so first attempt to find a free source of boxes. Going around to your neighbors houses and checking to see if they have any hidden away may be the best way to start. People often hold on to their old boxes when they have moved, and who can blame them knowing how hard they can be to source! If you can find someone who has a nice little stash of boxes hidden away then offer them a little money for them, it is unlikely that they will deny you, unless they are about to move, and the offer of money can get you a long way, especially if they had forgotten that they had the boxes hidden!

While you may be lucky and strike gold on the initial leg of your box hunt, it is more likely that not many people on your street or in your area have a decent supply of packing materials, so the next stop in your quest is the local high street. Many shops and stores receive tones of deliveries every day, so the likelihood is that they will be depositing of their waste from these on a regular basis. While larger places like supermarkets and chain stores will have systems in place to get rid of such packaging, smaller stores will be quite likely to be doing it by hand, and will very likely jump at the chance of having someone take their ‘rubbish’ away for them. Furniture shops and bike stores are great places to look in to, as they both deal in large box deliveries, and will usually do trips to the recycling plant. If you get in touch and convince them to save their larger boxes for you to pick up then you may be in luck. If the shop seem less than keen to
help you out, then bargain with them by offering to help them out, perhaps by offering to do their recycling trip for them, and keeping anything that you can use.

If you cannot find a decent way to get hold of free boxes, then it looks like you are going to have to spend some money. If you are going down that route then at least try and save some cash by buying second hand! Look on different community sharing sites, and see what you can find. It may take a couple of weeks for something to come up, but it will be worth it if you can find any, so start looking a decent amount of time in advance.

Should you be unable to find any second hand boxes, then the last resort is to buy new. You know that buying in bulk will be cheaper, but don’t allow yourself to get carried away and get stuck in a new house with all your belongings and no room to move because you have so many boxes!