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Moving is a touch experience for every family or homeowner. That’s why people usually choose spring or summer for their relocation when the weather is nice and their children are on summer break from school. However, moving is not always our own choice. Most often it is a job opportunity that makes the whole family relocate and it can happen at any time. Perhaps the hardest time for doing a house move is winter. The good thing is that the costs of moving companies are much lower and it’s easier to find a reliable mover because not many families move then, but the weather is cold and you might end up moving just before or during Christmas which is not the best time. There are some things that you should take into consideration if you decide to move in winter.

The things that you will need on hand include the right tools, packing materials, food, etc. You need to be prepared for the cold climate before and on the moving day. One of the musts is to have a snow shovel on hand. Once you start packing and taking everything out from the basement and garage you can easily lose track of where some tools are. Make sure you have the shovel throughout the day if it’s been snowing and load it on the truck last. Many people would advise you to have the shovel in your own vehicle because you will have to arrive at the new place before the truck. If you are moving long-distance in winter there might be snow at the location you are relocating to so keep the shovel at hand’s reach. The other thing you need in case it’s been snowing is sand or salt. Since the weather changes quickly in winter keep a bag of salt or sand. Make sure everyone on site is wearing sturdy warm boots. If there is snow on the moving day you can use big pieces of cardboard – place them on the ground at the entrance where people will walk the most. Keep enough cardboard for the new home too. When moving out of the house it’s best to leave it in good condition so make sure you don’t spread snow and mud everywhere. It’s a must to wear warm clothes and have extra sweaters, gloves and hats. It can get freezing and a moving day usually starts early in the morning. Ensure that your children are properly dressed and if they can’t help out on the moving day make them stay in a warm room. When moving in winter it’s essential to have enough hot drinks: tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Keep them warm and don’t forget to eat too. Moving takes lots of energy and you will quickly feel tired. Before you lock the door behind you check the route again and try to find information for it. If there has been heavy snowing the road might be closed. It’s best to be prepared for any situation. Before you leave the house take a mop and clean the floors in the house. Take the cleaner and mop in your car and be ready to use them a lot more after moving in. If you have been organized enough, you should’ve called the landlord or owner already to ask them to turn on the heating at your new house. This is extremely important as the house will have its door wide open throughout the moving in.