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It is common knowledge that everything being transported should be properly fastened in order to prevent damage to items. A good example is that even people have seat belts so remain stationary but primarily for their safety. Safety plays a role in fastening and properly securing items that will be transported as well, people’s safety and the items being secured. This is most important for items being transported on the road. While in transit items move all around inside backs of trucks, every bump in the road echoes through boxes and furniture loaded, this is just the nature of the beast, another reason why packing boxes correctly is so important.

Securing items once they are loaded has many aspects and packing boxes has a lot to do with it. When movers pack a truck they pack following three principles of loading, stability, weight and by the items brittleness. Securing the items to be transported once they are loaded is the easy part. If you have ever watched how someone who knows how to load correctly, you probably noticed that the heavier items are packed toward the front of the vehicle and more delicate items, lighter item are packed toward the rear. This is done to keep the weight distribution of the vehicle more even or balanced. If a truck is not properly loaded it can make the vehicle hard to drive and control. Stacking is also done by weight with heavier boxes or crate being on the bottom to avoid stacks of items being top heavy and it is kept in mind to stack boxes by size as well.

After all the vehicle has been loaded as much as the vehicle will allow, securing the items with nets or straps is quite common and is very important.

Safety is the main reason that items should be secured properly. Bumps in the road will cause boxes to shift, turn, slide and wind up in a completely different place from where they started out if they are not properly secured. This will relate into many broken or damaged items if they were not secured before transport. Not only does not securing items directly affect the safety of the items being moved but it can be hazardous for people unloading. If the load is not secured before moving the stability will be affected in a major way and when unloading boxes on the top can fall and seriously injure someone.

Be safety aware and remember to always make sure that everything being transported is safely secured before going to a new location. This will help avoid insurance claims both about items damaged and health wise. If a removal company is involved with your removal ask them to makes sure everything is properly secured so that your items do not get damaged. Removal companies know the importance of properly securing their cargo, so there is really no need to worry but just in case, it is wise to double check. Move safe and remember “better safe than sorry”.