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How to Find the best Storage in London

Living in the capital is both a dream and a nightmare, moving to or across the capital city is definitely one of the worst parts of living in London. There are countless removals, packing and storage companies vying for your attention, leaving you both spoilt and confused. A storage company is a great option for when you have periods of uncertainty between a move, are travelling, or perhaps circumstances have changed, and you don’t want to get rid of household items but would prefer to keep them in a safe and accessible place. What’s more, is that with so many storage option;, prices, special offers and discounts just keep getting better.

This guide is a rough outline of how to find the best storage in London to suit you, whether you’re looking for a safe place to keep a few pieces over a couple of nights, or are looking for a long term storage solution for personal or business items.

Moving home

It would be nice to think that when we move home we simply transport all our belongings from one place to the new house, and get it done within a day. But life just doesn’t work like that. Perhaps circumstances have changed; you’re downsizing dramatically, are moving in with family or have had to seek temporary accommodation. In such circumstances, storage centres are the perfect place to keep cumbersome, heavy or surplus items that you don’t need right now, but aren’t wanting to part with.

It’s best to look at value based on the size of the storage, and accessibility, as sometimes it’s worth paying extra for 24 hour access. Location is also a key factor, both in the transportation of your items and getting to and from the centre easily.

Finally it’s key to know exactly what you’re moving and therefore how much space you’re likely to need. A good storage centre will be able to help you in finding the right space, as there’s nothing worse than paying for empty space.

Permanent storage

Those who require permanent storage space might be landlords, who often need to move and store furniture, or those who are making a long-term decision to move into a smaller home. For these, cost and space should be the most important factors, as it will probably not be necessary to have your things a short distance away. Chose a storage centre with ample space and security, and try to find a local, independent storage centre that may be more likely to be flexible if your circumstances or situations change. If there are special offers and discounts, look closely at the small print and long term prices, as you don’t want to be tied in to any expensive contracts after the deal is over.

Business storage

Many small to large businesses require storage as a safe alternative to storing items at home or in the office. For example, extra computers, desks and chairs, can all be locked safely into a storage centre. Much like those looking for long term storage, opt for the best price, but keep in mind how much access you would like to have. If storing a lot of office or industrial equipment, you may require access at short notice, and it may not necessarily be during office hours.

For business owners it is highly recommended to check with each storage company on their terms and conditions of what is allowed to be stored, as certain industries may find certain products are prohibited. Although all companies will have similar rules, it is always worth familiarising yourself with each company’s policy to ensure you’re certain what you can and can’t bring.