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Important Points To Consider For Removals And Storage

No relocation or removal task is an easy process. Unless you’re only carrying out small removals and can bung everything into the back of your car, there’s a lot of things to think about and to keep in mind to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and easy transition into your new place.

1. Book a removal company.
Firstly and before you go hiring any old removal service, take some time to carefully consider what you actually need and want from the company you book with. Will you need a large moving vehicle? Do you need packing services to help you pack and load up the van? All of these things are important so when you’re thinking of hiring a company, make sure that you’re only paying for what you need.

2. Buy packing materials.
Packing is an essential part of the moving process. It shouldn’t be rushed and should be given a lot of time and effort. Packing should not only be done so that your items can be easily transported; it’s also necessary to ensure that your items remain intact for the duration of the move and don’t break in the back of the moving vehicle. The good thing is that packing materials are readily available from most half decent companies and can be relatively cheap to purchase, especially if you bulk buy or buy them in addition to another service. Do away with the idea of packing your items into cardboard boxes, as these are flimsy and won’t offer your possessions much protection. Spend a little bit more and get some plastic containers. Don’t forget to get lots of packing protection, such as foam, bubble wrap, box fillers etc. Next, securely package up all your items. It’s important that you pack your boxes up as much as possible so that you don’t leave a lot of space for them to move about, but at the same time, don’t cram your items into a box just for the sake of filling it up. Fill any remaining space with a box filler, often in polystyrene form, or pad around delicate items such as crockery or ornaments with some tissue or foam.

3.  Storage.
It’s unlikely that you’re going to take everything you own with you to your new house. Some things you’ll chuck away and want to replace, other things you might not yet know where to put, so consider putting some items into a storage facility until you’ve made a final decision. As you’re going through your items, use this as an opportunity to declutter and get rid of things. If you come across some items from your past, perhaps of some nostalgic value that you don’t want cluttering up the house but you still want to keep, hiring out a storage container is a great option. If you do your homework, storage containers can be cheap to hire, they’re easily accessible and can be a great temporary storage solution while you get things in order in your new house. It’s also well worth considering putting some if your items into storage if you’re planning on doing any building or decorating work in your new house. Rather than take the risk of your items of furniture getting dirty and potentially ruined by paint or the building work, put them into storage and keep them out of the way until everything has been completed.

4. Get some help.
If you want to save some money from the moving process, get some friends and family in to give you a helping hand.