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Move Furniture Stress-Free

Being stressed about a furniture move is absolutely normal – everyone who has been through one will never forget it, and those who haven’t experienced it just yet simply dread it. The least you can do is be realistic about it, set up a budget and make a proper inventory and checklist of things to do. Every removal requires lots of work, planning and things to buy. Having some honest advice about the reality of a furniture removal will help you stay focused and manage easier. Here is how to have a stress-free removal for you and your family.

Research The Removalists

In every profitable business there are scammers who want to make a fool of the innocent client. The business of house removals is no exception to this rule. Luckily for you, there are also websites which expose such con artists. As long as you conduct a thorough research, you should be able to differentiate the scammers from the trustworthy ones. Checking in a list of licensed removals companies locally is also a good way to review the company you are considering to hire.

Read All About the Moving Process

In order to manage with a house removal you need to make sure you understand the specific terms and conditions of the contract you are signing with the removals company or man-and-van services. Discussing the whole process you will be paying for with the removals company agent is vital – ask as many questions as you want and remember that no question is stupid. You have all the right to inquire about the specifics of the move, the number of movers, their rate, the expected amount of tips and so on and so forth. Remember that if a clause is not written down in the agreement, you cannot enforce it on the company legally, so make sure you understand your rights. It is highly recommended to get insurance for your belongings. A full coverage in the case of damage or theft will give you just a bit peace of mind.

Allow Enough Time for the Move

Just because you have closed the real estate deal doesn’t mean that you can immediately move out and have everything sorted out perfectly. Beware of any rushing – a furniture removal takes a while. The perfect time is in the beginning of the working week. This way you have the weekend for last packing, cleaning and saying goodbye. A potential problem is when the movers decide to be late or not to rush at all despite the initial arrangement in the contract signed by both parties. If that’s the case there is nothing you can do except for complain and not tip them. However, you still depend on their physical labour and the moving truck, so you cannot really begin. Don’t stress over things you cannot change, because being frustrated during the removal is not good for anyone. Moreover, the more time you have to finish off everything the calmer you will feel. Think about the members of your family too and make sure they have their own tasks and know what’s going on too. Before you leave the property check for any forgotten belongings and issues that may need fixing. You can either hire someone to fix them, do it yourself or talk to the landlord. Stay calm no matter what and you will see that a house move is not such a terrifying process. All you need is a good removals company, a thorough preparation and a bit of luck.