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Negotiating the best rental agreement – How to Guide!

After finding the perfect rental, one thing could make or break the whole deal and that’s the rental contract. Most rental agreements are written by the owner themselves and there could be some things in the contract that you just might not be able to follow. For example, there are some contracts that stipulate that no one whether friends or family may stay with you more than 30 days. This could be a deal breaker for those of us with family that visits each year for the summer. Having the perfect apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your traditions or preferences just because there are things stipulated in the “original agreement”. With a little bit of tact and a taste of understanding, a new contract can easily be negotiated.

Knowing what can be changed in a contract and what cannot:
There are just some stipulations that landlords will just not be willing to make changes to in their rental agreements. Say the landlord does not smoke and is completely against it then it is not a good idea to try to negotiate with them to change the no smoking in the house policy. The person’s beliefs have a lot to do with a personally written rental agreement. If you take a little time to know the person you will be renting from then you can pretty much figure out what they would be willing to change in the contract so you “will become their faithful renter.” Find out what their interests are by starting up a conversation and then enterprise on similarities you share. People who can relate get along quite well and relating with the landlord will open them up for being a little more flexible with you in the agreement.

Introducing a change of Terms:
The saying that the first impression counts is quite true in this case as when you introduce a change it can be quite offensive or at least misconstrued as so, if you are too blunt. Understanding the mentality of a landlord who rents their home or apartment is very important. Most landlords know they have control of who, what, where, when and why, when someone is renting their place. That much power can make a person a little bit…..eccentric, so to say. So, you have to be aware you are at the bottom of the hierarchy to the landlord, but just “like a jester, if you can gain a kings favor, he is likely to grant your wishes.” Let the landlord know you are aware of his way of doing things and you think it is wonderful and you love his home or apartment, especially the tasteful way it is decorated….but there are a few things that will be difficult for you to work with in the contract. Express that you are sorry because you love the place and you can tell they would be great to have a relation with, unlike the last landlord. This will prompt them to exercise their power to find out what the issue is and how they can solve it, so it was actually their idea.

Just these two tips should open the doors for you to be able to negotiate a pretty decent rental agreement……If you can apply them of course and mastering them does take a while so don’t give up if negotiations fail a few times.