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Perfect Gift Ideas for Neighbours who Are Moving Home

Despite the inevitable sadness of saying goodbye to a very close neighbour, there are some fantastic gift ideas that can be purchased at low cost, which will strengthen your bond and keep memories alive and special.

Here are a few clever ideas:
A plant or a small tree will leave a lasting imprint in any new home. Buy according to the season and invest in one that requires little maintenance. There are many evergreen options that will flower throughout the year. Evergreen shrubs adorn any garden all year round. This gift idea will be a constant reminder of a friendship that will not fade with the passing of time.

An Aromatherapy Candle – you just cannot go wrong with this one! Choose between Lavender and Tea Tree Oil – both cleanse and calm the mind. They leave a beautiful scent in any room, and as a centrepiece, an aromatherapy candle is very relaxing. Remember to include some scented tea lights which can then be used in the container once the candle has burned. A candle in a glass container provides the best option.

Find a picture of happier times and invest in a nice frame; dark wood suits any space, contemporary or otherwise. Better still, if you have time on your hands, a collage of photographs taken over time will produce a lasting imprint. Remember to include those special places such as a restaurant or much loved park. Aim to provide a separate collage for children. That way it can be hung in a child’s bedroom keeping memories alive.

Research the area your neighbours are moving to and invest in a Meal Voucher at a reputable restaurant. Take the stress and strain out of moving, and likewise, a Beauty Salon voucher will work wonders. There’s nothing like a good massage to ease stress, in much the same way as a wash and blow dry at a local hairdressers, will do exactly the same.

Never underestimate the importance of a box filled with food essentials! Whilst your neighbours are rushing around, it is all too easy to forget to do a shop. Fill it with essentials that will last. Consider items such as sugar, tea, coffee, jam, cereal and biscuits. Remember to give it to them last thing, so it’s to hand when they arrive at their new home. Better still, find out their favourite supermarket to shop in, and set up an account for them in their new location. In fact you could have the box delivered to their new home!

Consider making a wall calendar for their new home. Find a suitable time to arrange meeting up, and mark it. Insist that you go to theirs. Give them time to settle in. That way they have something to look forward to, and the necessary time to adjust. If you have time on your hands, a trip to the local print shop with some cherished photographs will produce a cost-effective calendar. And as every month passes they will always have a memory of the time you shared together.

Last but not least, if finances are a problem, and you are struggling to think about long-term ways to stay in touch at no extra cost, then set up a Skype Account on their computer. It’s free and easy to download and makes staying in touch fun and easy. It includes the added bonus of allowing you to see each other whilst you talk, and it is a safe and secure way for children to maintain their friendships.