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Smart Tips for the Effective Packing of Your Household Items

It is a great and joyous occasion when purchasing a new house, but when it comes to removal boxes it is really a great difficulty. Of course, there is an option to hire some moving company which will surely move our household items professionally. But actually most of us will do it by ourselves. There are many points that must be considered carefully, so here are some tips and solutions which will help us in our moving.

One of the essential things is packing. In fact it is the fundamental part which ensures a successful move. Packing by yourself is a serious task but mostly it is worth it in terms of saving money and additional costs.

The first and one of the most important steps in gathering all the stuff necessary is the purchasing of all the proper packing accessories. Some of us may think that it’s easy to manage this job with the available materials we have in our homes, but it’s not such a good idea because one cannot rely on old boxes, bags and sacks. So be sure that you have purchased enough quality -packing boxes which should be different in size. The various sizes of the boxes are adjusted for different purposes – in this way pack your lighter items such as clothes, curtains, towels, and cushions in the larger boxes, your heavier things like books and kitchenware in small boxes, and the other stuff in mid-size boxes. You will also need protective wrap for the fragile items, packing paper or newspapers (but keep in mind that they can stain your things), packing tape, scissors or a knife and, of course, permanent markers. Similarly you will facilitate the people who will carry the boxes if you arrange them in such a way that a single person can carry them.

And remember – do not fill the boxes all the way up to the top. It is a better idea to put at the bottom of the box the heavier things and to fill the rest with lighter stuff. You should also keep in mind that the boxes will be arranged one over the other, so make sure you have made them stable.

Once you are equipped with all needed supplies, the actual package can begin. It is essential to organize your packing room by room. The beginning is always very confusing and you can become overwhelmed, so the smartest thing to do is to start with the areas that are not commonly used. For example all the items in the attic or in the basement and the garage can be packed weeks before your actual removal. Again – be sure that you’ve packed them securely even if it means that you need to tape them twice. Label all the packages and do not forget to list the contents. Indications such as ‘fragile’ or ‘this end up’ are very useful and can save you much trouble on the other end. You can also add your name to each label, as well as the room for which it is intended.

One must pay special attention when preparing to pack up the electronic appliances. It will be very helpful if you keep the manuals. Read them and see how you can pack and move them securely. Of course, if you keep the original boxes they will be very easy to wrap, but if not, again be sure that you have observed all the specific instructions for transportation and have labeled the boxes ‘extremely fragile’.

To sort and keep all the parts of your items is very useful tip. For example, you must collect all the bolts from cupboards and dressers, put them in a plastic bag and attach them to the item with which they belong.

Undoubtedly there are things that cannot be transported with the truck. These are items that need more specific packaging and most of the removal companies won’t carry them. So be extremely careful when wrapping up your nail polish removal or cleaning proucts, which could contain flammable liquids; also dispose of aerosol cans and old paints.

Finally, check all the boxes again, and look to see if they are securely taped, go through all the rooms and see whether you have left something valuable. And keep the packing tape, the permanent marker and the scissors with you because you’ll surely need them again.