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The Best Way to Pack Clothes for a Move

What is it we all have too much of and not enough room to put it all? Clothes, we all have too many clothes and not enough room for them all it seems. Moving those clothes during a home removal can be frustrating and difficult but there are some ways you can make the whole process of moving your clothes way easier and without letting those fragile dry clean only suits or dresses damaged or ruined. Here are some tips for moving clothes, the right way.

The best way, by a landslide, to pack and move clothing is by using a specialty box known as a wardrobe box. These specialty boxes are designed specifically for packing clothes with little work and only a little effort. They do this by incorporating a bar that is found in the box, so that clothes can be taken directly from the closet and kept on the hanger, so they can be hung up directly in the box. Wardrobe boxes come in many different shapes and sizes as well as quality as there are wardrobe boxes that are heavy duty, made for long term storage. Some of them are also made with drawers in them so that some of the less fragile items of clothing can be folded and kept in the bottom end of the boxes or maybe even shoes. There are some important things to keep in mind about wardrobe boxes though. Wardrobe boxes should not be over loaded and each one of them, depending on the quality or the materials it is made out of have different weight ratings. You may want to have some storage space available as well depending on the size because once you use it for the move; you can save it for another use. There are some removal companies however that rent these types of boxes for onetime uses.

Following the traditional method of doing things, folding clothes and packing them into boxes is still okay, but there should be some caution exercised in the packing of certain materials such as silk and other delicate clothing materials like cashmere. Clothing made of materials such as these should not be packed into boxes or even trash bags. Some people like to put clothes into trash bags but it is something that is not recommended because there is a lot of risk of damaging the clothing by tearing of the bags or even by spills.

If there are some delicate clothing items to be moved and you need to know how, then here is the information you are looking for. For cases like this when there was just not any chance of finding a wardrobe box then it will be necessary to purchase clothing bags that you can hang up in the car while you are moving. These bags usually are made of thick plastics and can accommodate hangers; they are perfect for moving delicate clothing. There is also the option of just getting some light weight clothing cover like they use in most dry cleaners. For those that want to save money on materials just cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag to make a place for a hanger to get out and pull that over the clothes.