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Useful Hints For a Successful Canary Wharf Office Move

The East End of London is one very interesting area. There are many spots in the Borough of Tower Hamlets that are first in the world. Above all is the largest restaurant of the world famous chain of McDonald’s. The World Square is another spot that will grab your attention. The population of the area increased to two hundred thousand and there are very good reason why this is so.

There is a district in this part of the capital, called Canary Wharf that has gathered in one place the business of this part of the town. It seems very much like New York with most of the tallest buildings of London, situated in the area. When high buildings are mentioned, there is now way the One Canada Square not to be included. It is the construction that makes the citizens of the area really proud, as this is the second-tallest building existing in the United Kingdom. It held the first spot in the ranks for almost ten years, right until the so famous Strand was not ready yet. Its total height is two hundred and thirty-five meters. The name of the architect may look familiar for many people. He is called Cesar Pelli and has also designed the World Financial Center and the Elizabeth Tower.

The interest for renting an office in the building has always been very big. In fact according to the statistics, the offices in the complex are one hundred percent occupied. That is why you have to be fast and well prepared to get the office of your dreams in this part of the city and make your business really successful.

There are many discussions about whether to hire or not a moving company. If you can make compromise with that during the house removal, it will be absolute disaster if you go all on your own with relocating the business. With the close look and advice from the moving company, you will be convinced to start the preparation at least three month before. The period may vary according to the dimensions of your business, but three months is the average time to start the planning.

It is mandatory to have a picture of your new place, a copy of which should be given to your removers. In case the new office is new and you do not have to wait for somebody else to move in order to empty the place for you, than you can buy new furniture and get the companies assembling it. Thus when you arrive it will be ready and you will only have to clean and to put things in order. If you skip this part, you will not only be piled by the boxes with your stuff, but from the boxes with the pieces of the new furniture as well.

Get the staff in engaged with the process as well. Especially for those of the people who are responsible for the archive. It is not good idea for anyone else to pack and organize these papers. Ask them to do it themselves and pay then the extra time. At the end you will see that this worth the money.

While you are planning the budget, add extra twenty percent over the total sum of money. If you do that you will be able to face all surprises and will not be worried to pay for them. Do not go cheap. It will cost you more at the end.

Finally, leave some time to arrange the relationship with your suppliers like the electricity and phone companies, internet suppliers and any other services that you use.