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What Kind of Packing Materials Do I Need for Moving?

The key point for choosing suitable packing materials is to be aware of what is available on the market. There is a wide range of such materials so that the most appropriate ones will facilitate your removal boxes and will definitely save you extra money.

The long list contains Cardboard Boxes, Boxes for Wine and Bottles, Special Pet Cardboard Carriers, Solid Board Boxes, Wooden Boxes, Pallets, Cases and Crates, Envelopes, Bags, Labels, Bubble and Corrugated Wrap, Paper Sheets and Rolls, Tissue and Wrapping Papers, Stretch Wrap, Edge Guards and Protectors, Tape, Glue, Dispensers and many other Accessories such as Packing Knifes, Marker Pens, Stickers, etc.

Cartons differ not only in size but also in thickness of cardboard, types of closing and sealing and ways of handling. In order to choose the right box for your needs check the description provided from the manufacturer regarding the main purpose of the box and its dimensions. There are types of boxes that facilitate the use and handling without the need to be closed with sealing tape. They usually have handle holes for easy carrying. For fragile household items like mirrors, glasses and electronics search for specially designed items that will protect your belongings from all possible hits during the transportation. Cardboard boxes are suitable for packing general household items, canned food, bottles, books, pillows, blankets, dishes, clothes, shoes, electronics, toys, removable furniture and fragile items as well.

In addition you will need some wrapping materials which are very light and easy to use – the ideal prevention against any damages. Bubble wrap is specially designed for fragile items, stretch is very strong with the main advantage to follow the shape of the object and to stick only to itself, and brown paper is mostly used for packing household items as well as covering books to protect them against scratches. Tissue paper could be of use for delicate and fragile items, as well as clothes that you do not want to crush.

And there is also usually a need for additional packing Accessories such as Tape, Glue, Stickers and Markers.

Brown Tape is commonly known as one suitable for securing finished boxes and cheap enough compared to all other kinds of colored tapes and tapes with special inscription. If you insist on not leaving any residues after removing from your packages then you need masking tape. In all cases you will need a dispenser in order to easily cut the tape and to avoid searching for its end all the time. Hand dispensers are ideal for sealing all kind of boxes quickly and efficiently.

In this context you will have to provide a packing knife before and after you move. It happens all the time – you might come across another object that could fit into an already packed box and the cutter is the item that is always in your favor. It usually comes with replaceable blades and it is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket.

Most likely, you will also need covers for keeping clothes and furniture clean and dry during the transport and storage. There are many types of furniture covers, covers for mattresses, clothes and suits. These covers will significantly reduce the need for cleaning after you have moved and will keep your items free from dirt, dust and moisture.

Labels and stickers are perhaps the most important sign for you and the carriers who have to be aware of the goods they are moving. You can really get mad when you need something that is carefully packed somewhere but no one knows where exactly in the pile of boxes. You might prepare your own labels but take care to write legibly and to stick them clearly visible on the boxes. If you decide to use stickers you can look for signs like ‘Fragile’, ‘This Way Up’, ‘Handle-With-Care’, ‘Glass’, ‘Liquid inside’, etc.

Most companies offer pre-estimated packages or Moving Kits that consist of a few types of boxes, other supplies and accessories. If you have difficulty choosing from the varied materials yourself then you can take advantage of these useful sets.