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Box Packs – the Economic Solution

Box Packs UKWhen you are about to move your house or business, you can achieve some real savings on your packaging with a bit of judicious searching and shopping. Yes, we all need boxes, but we needn’t pay the earth for them. Box packs could be a great way to get all of your removals packaging in one convenient – and much cheaper – delivery.

Most good packaging suppliers should be able to offer you moving kits or box packs, pre-assembled to save you both money and time. The contents Box packs – the economic solutionwork out far cheaper than buying individual boxes or other packaging materials: not just the big containers but bubble wrap, silica gel, packaging paper, tissue paper, packing tape, tape guns and so forth.

Box packs tend to come in different sizes, catering for everything from a one bedroom apartment or small office, to a six bedroomed house. The professional packaging suppliers and removals companies have many years of experience in assessing what you are going to need to pack your life’s possessions into. They can estimate pretty accurately just how many boxes you are going to need, depending upon the number of rooms, the number of people in your family and how many outbuildings you have. It’s amazing how many people forget that sheds, wendy houses and garages need packing too – not to mention plants and garden furniture!

But the professionals don’t forget these, and supply money-saving packs that can cater to all your needs. Because different parts of your home and your belongings need different box solutions, box packs provide a good variety based on typical packing habits and homes. So, for a small home or office, you might get two large boxes, two linen boxes, four multi-purpose standard sized boxes, four book boxes (for heavy items), a roll of packaging tape and a marker pen. For a much larger home, you might expect to use far more: five linen boxes, five large boxes, ten standard boxes, ten book boxes and at least four rolls of heavy duty packing tape.

The great news is, you can save a great deal of money by buying box packs such as these – as much as thirty percent.  And don’t underestimate the value of your time, either! Choosing individual products, researching what you need and even the act of putting them all in your shopping cart takes a great deal of time and effort. There is enough to do when moving your business or your home, without having to hand pick all the packing materials. A box pack or moving kit will cut out all this work, leaving you free to concentrate on the administration, de- cluttering and pre-packing sorting and cleaning. Because we all know, there is more than enough of that to do.

If you are concerned that you can’t include something you deem absolutely necessary – do not worry. The good news is, that reputable packaging Box Packs UK suppliers will help you add on an extra items that you’d like to have, to be on the safe side, at a discount. So you may want additional book boxes for your massive CD collection. Or maybe wardrobe boxes. Or more bubble wrap for the antiques collection. These can simply be added on, usually at a discount, before you check out.

With a box pack, you could get each individual item for as little as ?1.50. Compare that with the price of a single tea chest type box – usually just under ?3.00 – and you’ll see the logic of buying box packs straight away.

But how do these guys get their box packs right? How do they know how many to include? The answer is simple: years of experience. Removals companies and those in the moving packaging supplies business have seen millions of homes and millions of movers. They therefore have a really good idea of just what is needed to pack up everything from a studio flat to a mansion. So when you choose to buy from a reputable, long established company, you’re buying their expertise, too.

Good packing can substantially reduce the amount of packaging you use and ensure that your box pack is sufficient for your needs. There is a fine balance to be had between sensible packing and over stuffing, leaving items rattling around and cramming them in so hard that they break. Here are some short, simple tips to help you get it just right:

Box packs – the economic solutionHeavy at the bottom. Whenever you are loading a box, ensure heavy items are near the base.
Heavy means short. For your own lifting safety, really heavy items like books should be in specifically designed book boxes.
Wrap well. Fragile items should be very secure in protective packaging and unable to bang against each other in transit.
Use what you have. Don’t forget that bedroom and bathroom fabrics make great packaging … duvets, towels, cushions and more.
Bin the rubbish! Don’t pack what you don’t need or no longer use. There is no point transporting items that just wont be used in your new home or have been outgrown. Moving home is a great time to have a cathartic clear out. If any boxes go straight from the old attic to the new attic, you know you’re not being ruthless enough. Get that garage, car boot and table top sale going!

Start early. There is nothing more stressful than leaving it all to the last minute. So get your box kit delivered as soon as you can and start packing up: one room at a time. Make yourself a “packing central station” where you have all your materials and the completed boxes. Be systematic and sensible, ruthless and regimented.

Box kits really are a great way to save your time and money. Shop around for the very best bulk deals and moving kits and you will have far more cash available to spend on getting your new home or office just as you like it. Compare companies, compare prices and ALWAYS look for any hidden extra costs.