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When you are doing a house removal there are many things to plan and consider months before the actual relocation. One of them is where would each item from your current home go in the future home. We don’t always have the chance to move to the same looking home, with the same size and style, doing minor changes to the interior. Therefore, some items may look rather odd in the new home. One way to approach this is my drawing your own plan and deciding how the home will look and where each piece of furniture will stand.

Even with a detailed plan, though, some things will look much different than you have initially imagined. Months before the actual relocation sit down with all the details of the new place (size, specifications, facilities) and determine whether you can move all your belongings and fit them in there. If your current furniture is too big or different in style, consider selling it and buying new one after you move. This way you will save money on packing and moving bulky furniture that you might replace sooner than you have thought. Draw a plan of each room and talk to the members of your family – let them give you some ideas and try to involve the children as well. If you want to save some time and therefore money during the move, buy stickers in different colours and stick them to the pieces of furniture you are moving. For example, green could be for all the furniture that goes to storage, red – for the garage, yellow for the kitchen and so on and so forth. This will save you the time to label each box and furniture. If you have a clear idea of how each room will look, you might as well write the details on the furniture’s wrapping. For example, on the kitchen table write with a black marker: left corner of the room, opposite the sink.

Wardrobes and beds are heavy so the less they are moved around, the better. Write which side of the room they should go in and you will have a better organization than you can imagine. Once the movers leave you will have your furniture properly positioned, so you will be able to open the boxes and unpack and arrange everything else. This method of labeling everything and using stickers is what many removalists do anyway, so by doing that and having a clear idea of the arrangement of your new home, you are doing both parties a big favor. You can do the same with boxes – clothes, dishes, china, glassware, books – all of these heavy boxes can be easily arranged where they belong to by adding one simple sticker. This will save you lots of extra time carrying and lifting heavy objects. Unpacking is a lengthy process and it is physically tiring, so make sure you prepare well for it. If you have furniture you aren’t sure where to put, simply ask the movers to put it in the biggest room or in the corridor, as long as it’s not on your way and you can still move around it. Remember to clean all the furniture once it is unwrapped. A house removal is a hard task which involves the whole family. Make sure you have a clear plan about your furniture as this is the biggest part of the removal. What you are not capable of doing, let the trained movers do.