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When moving to a new place, whether it’s a home or an office is really a great challenge. The actual removal boxes process may turn out to be the most frustrating and stressful activity. Of course, there are many moving companies on the market, and you can take advantage of their professional services. But in case you have decided to do it by yourself, then be sure that you have thought over everything. It’s important to have serious organization and planning beforehand. Thus, it is essential to pick up the proper moving supplies.

First are the moving boxes. Often, moving to a new place is connected with additional expenses and many people tend to economize when it comes to supplies. In some turns it could be justified, but there are items that shouldn’t be bypassed. In most cases old packing boxes could be torn or stained, and if you look better at them you realize that you can’t count on them for the secure transportation of you stuff. The advantage of new moving boxes is that they are made with quality materials. Still more, you could get moving boxes that are uniform in size and this automatically ensures easier loading of the truck. Or, they can vary quite a but in their dimensions and can cover the needs of every household or office.

Nevertheless, the market has three main types of boxes and these are medium moving boxes, large size and extra large size moving boxes. In the majority of cases, these sizes are apt for all the house and office furniture and items.

Since we have provided the necessary number of boxes it’s now time to think about the other supplies and packing accessories which we will need for your successful move.

The packing paper or the old newspapers will surely help a lot. You can use them to wrap all the kitchenware and glassware, to stuff hats, for example, or just to fill the empty spaces that have occurred in the boxes. But be aware with the newspapers, because on one hand the newspapers are made of very thin paper and one can’t rely on them to preserve his/hers valuables, and on the other hand the ink of the paper very often leaves stains and this certainly won’t please you when you start unpacking in your new home.

Now we’ve wrapped our things and have arranged them in boxes. The next step is to seal and secure them safely, and packing tape is the proper item for this. And if there are a large number of moving boxes, a tape dispenser will save you a lot of time.

Bubble protective wrap is also very useful when it comes to packing breakable items. This is a plastic sheet which has air chambers. Every house or office has its big electronic appliances and equipment and they need special handling and transportation. Bubble wrap is ideal for the protection of these fragile objects. Like the packing paper, bubble wrap can be also used to fill the void gaps in a box, thus avoiding the shifting and damage of your things.

These are most likelyth the essential moving supplies that you will need, but there are some additional things that will ease your task. They are the moving blankets and stretch wrap. These two kits can help when you are wrapping all the big furniture, as well as some personal belongings that you have decided not to put in boxes. Covering the furniture with moving blankets or wrapping them with stretch wrap secures the safe transportation and the integrity of the pieces.

And lastly, it is important for us to mention one more thing – a tool belt. You will be surprised by how this seemingly insignificant supply can facilitate your job. Equip it with the necessary tools and you’ll see how easily you will be able to cope with the complex task of moving on your own.