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Whenever someone move house the hard part is the packing, at least it seems that this is the case but truth is packing and unpacking really isn’t too hard. After you have everything packed and you are in your new home. It comes down to, what is seen as the easiest task of all – the unpacking and this only because there’s no more pressure, you can unpack the boxes that took so much time to pack in the first, relatively quickly and here are some tips to get the unpacking after the move done even quicker.

1) It all about motivation, most people they stress about the move and the packing in general and after that is all done and their belongings are in the new abode, the motivation just fizzles away. This is what slows down, the overall end of a home removal. So, try to stay motivated and get everything done in a reasonable amount of time after all the packed and moved boxes in the new home or office. If the momentum is kept then everything can get done right away. There is a saying “Keep the blood flowing” and this is true in the case of unpacking, which is the last thing to be done.

2) Bring the boxes into the rooms for which they contain items, that is of course if they are marked, try to mark the boxes while you are packing them, this will help the unpacking be 100 times easier to complete later. Assuming the boxes are marked move them into their respective rooms and start unpacking one by one.

3) If you want to knock out two birds with one stone try to unpack the items straight from the box and into the places they go. If you spread them out on the ground first then you make a whole new step you will have to deal with. Carry the box around if you can and put things where they go.

4) Wait until the packing is finished before arranging the furniture, unless of course the will be someone helping with the arrangement of the furniture and they have a limited amount of time to be at your disposal. If this is the last task it will free up plenty of precious time to unpack the loaded boxes most likely spread around them.

5) Start with the clothes first: Clothes are some of the easiest things to unpack and if specialty boxes were used such as a wardrobe box then unpacking them and putting them directly in their closet or drawers is even that much easier. Getting all the clothes put away and unpacked will give the impression that you have accomplished a lot of work and that there is not so much left to do. This may not be the case but it helps to create the feeling of achievement and that works wonders for motivation.

After a person has done multiple moves they become more and more experienced on how to pack and unpack efficiently, staying motivated to complete the task at hand is the main hurdle after that everything else is relatively simple.