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Everyone who hires a company for any kind of service wants to make sure they are getting the most accurate price quote and the best deal for their money as well as good quality service. When getting quotes from different companies for any service it is good to know exactly what will need done from those companies. Aside from knowing what you want done knowing the information the company needs from you for the quote is equally important. When it comes to hiring a removal company, in order to get the most accurate quote knowing the answers to the questions they will ask is very important and can save you time and money.

Once the specific service that is needed is narrowed down and you are ready to start looking around for quotes then you need to have information on hand for the sales departments to give you the most accurate quotes.

Removal companies will need to know how many rooms will be in the place and how big each of those rooms are. This is mainly due to the fact that companies have a measure they use for certain rooms based on statistics of the average home. This usually includes one bed, an end table, a closet and a dresser for the average sized room. The price is then calculated based on the movers having to move these certain items.

For the quote, the company will need to know if the home is one level or two and how many flights of stairs there are. This is not only for the quote itself but also to know how many men will be needed for the job and to determine what type of equipment will be needed to complete the job. How many men will be needed on the job is very important to the quote because the price will vary higher or lower if more men or used for the job.

Something that helps determine the cost of the move as well is how many hours the job will take from start to finish. Most moving companies charge per hour for their movers. One good thing is that if there is the need for more than one mover it doesn’t necessarily meant that the cost will
automatically double, in fact more movers is actually cheaper, per mover. The idea behind this is that more movers can get a job done much quicker than one.

Another thing that a removal company will need to know is if they will be moving appliances and if those appliances will be disconnected. They will also need to know about any large or heavy items that will be moved by them such as furniture or large televisions.

Keep in mind to make sure there will be parking available for the moving truck when it arrives because when you are getting a quote this question will be asked. This is usually the only additional charge from a removal company (the cost of parking).

When calling multiple companies for a quote make sure to ask them all the same questions and to give them all the exact same information, so that and accurate comparison of prices can be made.