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Individual Boxes – for House Moves and Storage

Individual boxes – for house moves and storageSo you’re moving house? It’s time to get packing! As soon as you’ve exchanged contracts and maybe even before, it’s time to literally get your house in order to prepare for the home move. You’re going to need to make sure you have enough boxes to contain all your worldly goods during Individual boxes – for house moves and storagethe removal.

Of course there are many more situations in which you might need to buy individual boxes. Perhaps you need to put some of your belongings into storage, or perhaps you are relocating abroad? Kids going to University? Office moves, house clearances and simply de-cluttering your home all require boxes in which to temporarily store your household items and keep them safe, dry and clean during transit.

Worrying about your belongings being damaged either during the move or whilst in storage is very natural. So you want to ensure you get really good quality boxes: strong, fit for purpose, offering maximum protection for your goods.

You may want large boxes, linen boxes, book boxes, wardrobe boxes, picture frame boxes, pallet boxes and plastic boxes. There is a huge variety to choose from depending on what you need to pack … from clothes to books, things that could leak and your most precious heirlooms.

You may not need hundreds of boxes, maybe just a few … so you might think it can get expensive buying removals boxes individually. And if you shop in stationers, post offices and other high street outlets, you could well be right. Luckily, there are now some great deals to be had from packaging and removals specialists who sell direct over the internet. By shopping around and comparing prices over the internet, you could save yourself a small fortune.

Start by simply doing a search on Google or a similar search engine for ‘individual boxes for removals’ and you’ll soon see the choice available to you. Don’t forget: the first three or four results you see are Sponsored Links: identifiable from their pink highlighted background. These are paid for links, designed to appear first when you’ve typed in your search terms. These companies may offer good value too, but it’s worth scrolling through at least the first page of results in order to compare what you can get with your hard earned money.

You may find that several companies point you only towards box and moving kits, encouraging you to spend more than perhaps you need to. So keep hunting for packaging delivery firms who will supply you individual boxes at a good price. Also look out for free delivery and firms that can offer fast delivery times – many will deliver the next day, direct to your door. Time is of the essence when you are packing to hit a moving day individual boxes for removals deadline, so the faster you can get your storage boxes, the better.

There may be a minimum order quantity to qualify for free delivery, so check this too. When buying individual boxes, you may not be spending enough to get your goods for free, so make sure you know what extra charges you’ll be incurring.

Make sure you are truly comparing like for like when choosing the company to supply your boxes. Check that the dimensions for, for example ‘large box’. These can range across several sizes so one that looks cheaper may actually simply be smaller! Also check whether VAT is included or excluded … or you could end up having an extra 20% added on top of the price quoted when you come to check out. Always read the small print.

Of course if you DO need more than ten boxes, it is probably worth looking at moving kits and box kits, as this could save you between thirty and sixty percent on the individual unit cost. Check out all your options to get the best value for money.

All cardboard boxes are NOT the same! Another catch is whether the boxes truly are good quality. You certainly don’t want inferior cardboard arriving at your doorstep. And just in case you DO make this easy mistake, check out the returns policy of the company before you click ‘Confirm’. Will you have to pay to return the boxes to the retailer should you be satisfied? This is something you want to avoid if at all possible … it’s just going to cost you more time and money. There are distance selling regulations in force that mean returns must be accepted, provided you send the goods back as you received them, in the same condition and unused, within a certain time. If you are dissatisfied with the boxes you get, contact the supplier straight away.

Iindividual boxes for removalsSo look from the beginning for a company that supplies good quality cardboard packaging from the outset. A business that has been around for several years, who has glowing customer testimonials and then you shouldn’t be disappointed. Look for those who have a clear code of conduct, easily comprehensible terms and conditions and a spelt out returns policy.

The cardboard you buy can be double walled, or even triple walled. The more walls you have, the more sturdy and rigid the box becomes. Single wall just wont cut it for heavy or valuable items, meaning the container could break when you lift it. Again, its just a false economy. Single wall boxes may cost less, but in the long term you may end up spending a great deal more on replacing broken or damaged possessions.

A company like Removal Boxes ticks all your boxes, with next day delivery, great quality of materials and a low minimum order quantity for free delivery all over the UK. They also offer a great range of different individual boxes, not forcing you into buying a moving kit. There are all the various types of storage containers you might need and a wide range of packaging accessories from tape to cable ties, protective wrap, loose polystyrene filling chips, bin bags and more.