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You may have had a de-clutter of your home, you may be moving into a smaller home, or have a change of circumstances such as a family member coming to live with you, whatever the reason is, you may be at the point where you have more stuff than you have the room for. Most of the stuff you have de-cluttered or cleared from your home is likely to be thrown away, recycled or donated, however, there may be some things that you cannot permanently part from and want to hold onto for when your circumstances change and you are able to home them. It is at this point where you may be considering storage solutions.

There are 3 different storage options available to you:

1. You may be lucky enough to have someone, like a relative or friend, who is able to store all of your stuff for you, saving you money on storage solutions and giving you peace of mind that your belongings are somewhere safe and with people that you trust. However, not many people have this option available to them, especially if you are storing a lot of stuff or particularly big things.

2. Self-storage solutions are available across the UK and in Uxbridge. Self-storage facilities are becoming more and more popular with people in need of a storage solution as there are a number of benefits to hiring a self-storage space than there are with s conventional storage company. These benefits include:

• They are often cheaper than a storage company is, by using a self-storage company you save yourself money.
• Only you can access your belongings, you lock them away with your own key and keep this with you, so you have peace of mind that if anyone wants to go through your stuff they are going to have to get the key off you first.
• You store your belongings yourself rather than having to put faith in the storage company that they are going to do it for you.

3. Storage Companies: these companies have been around for a while now, they work by taking control of your things and storing them for you, in a space within their warehouse. Because of this, your things are less secure, anyone who can access the warehouse can also access your belongings. These storage companies usually charge a little more than self-storage companies do, as there is more work in it for them, but equally they are able to provide you with more help than a self-storage company is happy to, for example:

• They offer packaging services, to help you box up and properly protect your things before putting them into storage.
• They may be able to collect your things from your home, move them to the warehouse and store them for you.
• They will more than likely be happy to help you to unload the van, and sometimes even load it up to begin with.

These additional services obviously come with additional charges, therefore you should consider whether you actually need them before agreeing to anything.
Don’t rush into renting a storage space, call around a number of companies first and get some quotes, ask the companies questions such as:

• Are you a member of ‘The Self - Storage Association’ or ‘The Storage Association’?
• How are my belongings secured?
• When can I access my stored things?
• Do you have the size storage space that I require?
• Are the storage units cleaned regularly?
• Can I get my van close to the entrance of the storage facility?
• Is any insurance included in quote?
• Are there likely to be any additional prices, or increase in prices?