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We’re here to give you the easiest time possible when you’re moving house, so follow our easy tips for a stress free guide to moving house in Enfield, for example.

1. Planning makes perfect. Give yourself time to breathe, and always start planning a good couple of months before you move, so that the process is a gradual one, not a mad dash. Compare removal companies closely and always haggle for a better quote. Be extensive with your research; know exactly what you’re getting for your money and why it costs as much as it does. Be careful to note down how much insurance each company is liable for, if you have expensive items being moved you can’t risk not being covered in the event of an accident. The best bet is to go with a British Association of Removers (B.A.R) member, who are under strict guidelines as to how to perform, ensuring that your move is a smooth one.

2. Communicate. If no one knows what you want you won’t get it. Let everyone involved be aware of how you think the move should go. That includes the removal company, your family and those at the other end of the move. Taking the head of your removal team through your boxes, and the plan of the new house before hand will allow him to instruct his team efficiently so that you don’t have to keep as sharp an eye on them. Let your other half know your exact plans and stick to them, otherwise arguments will ensue!

3. Get all of the boring stuff that needs doing at your new place done before you move. This includes having the place cleaned, checking all of the new appliances for faults and efficiency, getting your gas and electricity ready to be working as soon as you arrive, and having your boiler inspected. Be sure that any repairs or decorating are done at this point as well, as you will have a lot more space to work in without all of your furniture and a city of boxes cramping the place up. This is a good time to get carpets cleaned and get some painting done to freshen the place up. You may even want to have your loft insulated and double glazing installed at this point, if needs be.

4. Get the kids out of the way! Unless they are particularly mature and helpful, younger children are often a complete pain during a house move. If you can, ship them off to a grandparent’s or another helpful relative, so that they don’t have to contend with the move for your attention! This will also keep them out of the way of your removal team, and avoid any nasty accidents that may come from having your little terrors running about underfoot! If you can’t get rid of the kids on the day then get them helping out. Even if its just chucking their teddies into a box, its a distraction for them and a small weight off of your mind.

5. Arrange for your post to be redirected from the moment that you leave, and send out an exhaustive amount of emails with your change of address and phone number. Get all of your parking permits sorted before you leave as well, or you may face a large fine upon arrival. The council will not take lightly to a massive removals van blocking up a street, and will take any chance they can to get some easy money by way of your distress!

6. Last, but not least, RELAX! Nothing will be helped by stressing or getting angry.