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Whether you’re an experienced tenant or a first timer, looking for a flat or a house, whether you’re interested in a place close to the city center or in a quiet, family-friendly suburb, finding the perfect let for you is a long process. However, it doesn’t have to be a hard one. The key to a successful house hunt is dividing your tasks, gathering as many outside opinions as possible, looking at many different alternatives and considering the benefits and drawbacks of each one, to find the home that perfectly matches your needs and expectations. Of course, a willingness to compromise is always helpful, but make sure that it’s a compromise you are ok with. Do not engage yourself in a contract that leaves you at a disadvantage and do not settle for a house or flat that you wouldn’t be entirely happy with. Some other useful tips and things to remember are covered in the brief article below, hopefully helping you find the best place for you and avoid the usual hassle and stress.

1. Figure out your expectations. Some key things to consider here are:

• Location – Do you want your place of residence to be near the city centre, perhaps located close to your office or university? Do you prefer a quiet neighborhood, populated mainly by families, or a bustling community of young people? Do you need certain transport services running close to your future home? What kinds of facilities would you like to have nearby – from the basics, like a park, a well-stocked corner shop or a supermarket, to more specific ones, such as primary schools for your children, gyms, swimming pools or maybe a library? Think carefully about all of this and try to sort out your priorities

• Size – Here you should consider the size in terms of number of rooms and in terms of sheer space that you’ll need.

• Type of home ¬– Would you prefer a house or a flat? Maybe a loft will be more suited to your needs? While thinking about the different options, also consider the type of neighborhood that you’ve chosen as this will definitely reflect upon the selection of available homes.
There are, of course, other things to consider, but these are just some pointers to get you thinking in the right direction.

2. Now it’s time to consider the actual options, Go online and look through a few letting agents and direct lets websites. Try to get a feel for the prices. Perhaps you will have to modify your expectations and prioritize to fit your budget. At this point, it will also be good to select a few homes that look good and book a viewing for each one. While you might not get a realistic feel for these places from looking at photos online, this will give you an occasion to visit the letting agency managing each one.

3. Once at the agency, do not simply settle for one viewing. If the house or flat you view isn’t to your liking, ask if they have any similar ones to show you. When doing this, be sure to clearly explain your expectations and your price range. This will help the agency find a suitable match for you.

4. Go on multiple viewings, before making a choice. Occasionally, you may come across a home that you didn’t expect to like, but choose it none the less.