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Storage Boxes – Finding the Best Product for Long-Term Storage

secure-storage-boxesNowadays, more and more people are needing to put some or all of their belongings into self storage. This could be because of an overseas posting, relocation, divorce, bereavement or periods of extended travel. It could also be as simple as a hobby that is taking over your home or storage boxes – finding the best product for long-term storage feeling the need to declutter – but not wanting to get rid of your prized possessions for ever. Millions of people now store their goods in self-storage units around the nation.

Whenever you box up your household or office items, you know that you are taking a risk. Whether they are destined for the attic, the garage or a secure container, you want to know that your belongings are safe, clean, free from water ingress and not going to get broken. Let alone stolen. Packaging is just one of the key choices you make to protect your valuables.

Perhaps the first consideration should be to choose your storage facility carefully. The best option for long-term storage is a professional company who can offer you secure and dry area which only you have access to. This could involve renting a sea-type container or space in a warehouse. There are now thousands of self storage companies who can help you with a space from a small safe to a full container load.  Many offer 24 hour access,CCTV, guards and only you should hold the key to the area you rent. This has got to be safer than leaving your possessions in a friend or family member’s loft.

Packaging is all important when you want to store your valuables. Getting it right at the packing stage could prevent heartbreak later on and you need to ensure you have the right materials at the outset.

Cardboard is not waterproof, but it is one of the most commonly used and cheapest storage boxes available. Now, in a self storage unit, you should not have to worry about water getting in: so it should not be a major concern. But don’t forget: insurance is YOUR responsibility, not that of the self storage company. So if something really untoward should happen, you need to make sure you are covered. Floods and sprinkler Cheapest storage boxes availablemalfunctions do happen from time to time and you don’t want your goods to be ruined. If you’re planning on storing your precious items in a basement, garage or attic – you need to think even more carefully about waterproofing.

Plastic boxes, particularly those that come with locking lids, do offer a waterproof solution. Of course, they are more expensive but – for those extremely important items – books, clothes and other water perishable items, they may well be a great solution. Another idea is to include silica gel sachets in your containers that will keep damp at bay. Even heavy humidity can lead to mould forming on your clothes in particular. Silica gel absorbs the moisture in the environment and so prevents this from happening.

Individual at-risk items can be wrapped in protective wrapping, such as bubble wrap or polythene protection. This will form a barrier against moisture but are not guaranteed to be completely water tight. But, of course, these type of wrappings are incredibly important to cushion breakable items against damage in transit.

You could also consider having your storage boxes professionally wrapped. The kind of service that you see at airports. Here, your boxes will be covered in a tough, waterproof film of stretchy plastic that not only waterproofs, but protects against any damage in handling and deters opportunistic thieves. All kinds of storage containers can be wrapped, from golf clubs to strollers … so boxes are a breeze. The costs are less than you might imagine, so contact your local professional luggage wrapper or pop into the nearest airport and have a chat with the suppliers there.

Storage boxes come in all shapes, sizes and materials these days. With the advent of online shopping, came far more choices for consumers like us. So make sure that you shop around for the best supplier at the best prices for your individual needs. No matter how much you want to store in boxes, you should be able to find a company who can deliver with a bit of careful research on the web.

So think about what you need. Are you looking for cardboard boxes, tea chests, wardrobe boxes, plastic containers, pallets or sea containers? Just carry out an internet search for providers in your area. Of course, the results can be slightly overwhelming so it’s best to be as specific as you can. When it comes to weeding out the list of companies you get as viable results, there are several things to look for.

cartoon-storage-boxesCheck out the range of products available, ensuring that the storage box company you’ve chosen has all the options you would like. Then, have a look at delivery times – and indeed whether they can deliver to your area. Many people have been caught out this way! If you’re looking to buy storage boxes in London, Manchester or Birmingham you should not have a problem … but in the Outer Hebrides, you just may do.

Then examine the small print for any additional delivery charges and whether VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in the quoted price. A good looking deal can turn sour quite fast if you are having to add 10.00 or more delivery charge, plus twenty percent more of the asking price in VAT. A good supplier will have a clear pricing policy, quick (and hopefully free) delivery and a good record of service history. Compare several to get the best deal.

It is most definitely worth investing in good quality, robust storage boxes when you plan to put anything into storage for a length of time. A little more spent now to ensure your prized possessions are safe, dry and unbreakable will most definitely pay off in the long term.